Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I Neel 15,000 Readers of DKos to Sign Up to Do Without Heat and Electricity To Offset the Carbon Footprint of Algore's Newest Mansion

My small little blog does not have enough staff to keep accurate count of just how many mansions Algore is presently maintaining. Nor do we have enough staff to keep count of how many private jets he and his family and entourage use to travel between all of the mansions.

It is obvious that this one estate has a carbon footprint roughly equivalent to Texas and Brazil combined. You've got to have a little admiration for a guy who has enough chutzpah to live like this while preaching endlessly that such lifestyles are going to kill the human race. Maybe he just doesn't want to prolong the misery?

It is a good thing for us poor folk that there is no scientific valid proof of the hellish Gotterdammerung this clown with the flamboyant lifestyle predicts. Unfortunately the revelations that Algore's fearful predictions were all based on invalid and manufactured data have not slowed down many of the true believers. Sane people have to watch closely or this collection of fools will pass more economy busting and job killing laws

(The photos are all copied from a story at NewsBusters.)

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Quite Rightly said...

Heh, heh, heh. Great post.

Do you have to have 15,000 DKos reader volunteers, though?

Recent political decisions affecting the economy have put that many people out of light and heat, easily.

Those people weren't volunteers, and it isn't exactly poetic justice, but my guess is that those people think that they should be counted as making the sacrifice.