Saturday, December 6, 2008

Auto Bail Out

At Hot Air .com there was this great comment from RalphyBoy about the auto bail out.

I writing Jeep/Chrysler to ask for a “bailout” from the Liberty that I bought a few years ago…. What A piece. I won’t list the reasons by recall/breakdown/WTF here, but they are about to get it all!

With 80,000 miles on that vehicle, which was my once in my life buy what I want, load it up, damn the price auto, it has been a painfully long ownership of potential disasters, major inconveniences, and after warranty expensive repairs.
When I tried to sell it 2 years ago, I found that I would have had to all but give it away…

Feel the pain Chrysler… If you survive that, maybe you’ll be better for it. If not, good riddance.

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