Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What's Got Rahn Emanuel So Quiet So Suddenly???

Rahm Emanuel is a big mouth guy who no one could ever shut up. Suddenly not a word has been heard from him for a week. How could this happen? It is difficult to say with precision since the "transparent" president elect will only speak to give the numerous and unbelievable reasons why he won't speak.
So, I guess everyone has to figure this out for them selves. Blagojevich says on the tapes what Obama is willing to offer him to have his own person in that senate seat. So, maybe there was some contact between. Maybe the messenger was Emanuel. If so then both Obama and Emanuel have probably committed crimes for not notifying authorities of the illegal attempt to sale a senate seat.
Maybe Obama is going to try to somehow keep it all together until the inauguration. Then he can fire Fitzgerald and pardon Blago.
Since the dinosaur media remain adamantly opposed to investigating this whole area it will remain wide open to the opinions of bloggers and others with concerns about civic issues.

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