Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Maddow Demands Proportionality and Effectiveness

I have this quote of Maddow from a NewsBusters transcript:

"But while we're on the wild wide world of scary tour, of course, Israel has started another war. A third straight day of airstrikes on Gaza, the death toll now more than 300 people. Israel says they are doing this to prevent Palestinians from firing rockets into southern Israel. First of all, there's the question of proportionality as to how many people those rockets have killed versus how many people the Israeli bombing has now killed. There's also the issue of effectiveness. In the midst of this massive air assault killing hundreds of civilians in Gaza, a rocket fired from Gaza today killed a man and wounded seven in the Israeli town of Ashkelon. Effectiveness. Three Israelis were also stabbed by a Palestinian in a Jewish settlement in the West Bank today. Is there a military solution to this problem?"

I find her criticism empty and useless since she won't say what the Israelis should do to properly protect their citizens. Most Americans probably see Israel as responsible for the present shooting war since there has been a dinosaur media news blackout on the recent attacks on Israel from Gaza. The media have begun their coverage in the middle of the story. They start covering when Israel begins a counter attack and do not place Israel's actions in context. If the dinosaur media had gotten together and conspired to make Israel look bad in spite of the facts they would have done pretty much what they have actually done.
My visceral reaction to Maddow's lying sermonizing is to suggest that she should go to Gaza and explain to the Israeli forces via loud speaker exactly what they are doing wrong. She can use the loud speaker to describe to the attackers what the proportional and effective response should be. By confining her wisdom to MSNBC and Air America she is merely preaching to the choir.

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