Friday, December 12, 2008

Carol Browner Another Team Obama Crook

Apparently Obama wants Carol browner to run the EPA. When she ran the agency for Clinton (I still don't know if any honest people will show up in this story) in defiance of a court order she had the hard drives of her and other high level EPA employees' computers erased. This is a quotation from Michelle Malkin
"Incredibly, Browner asserted that there was no work-related material on her work computer. She explained she was merely cleaning the hard drive of computer games she had downloaded for her son, and that she wanted to expunge the hard drive as a “courtesy” to the incoming Bush administration. How thoughtful. Later, her agency admitted that three other top EPA officials had their computers erased despite the federal court order and ongoing FOIA case (the record is silent on whether Browner’s son was playing games on their desktops, too). A further belated admission revealed that the agency had failed to search Browner’s office for public documents as required by Landmark’s public disclosure lawsuit."
Hiding public information from the public should not surprise anyone who is still waiting for Obama to sit down in a serious interview and answer some difficult questions. He only PROMISED openness and change. You didn't think a Chicago pol is actually going to deliver anything new, did you?

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