Tuesday, December 16, 2008

"The Black Senate Seat" Another Orwell Award Winner

Laura Washington has written this about Barack Obama's senate seat:
"Bye bye, black Senate seat! The political blackbirds are singing a swan song for the hopes of keeping a U.S. Senate seat in African-American hands. The Rod Blagojevich implosion may have dealt that cause a fatal blow.
Last week's stunning pay-to-play charges led to calls around the nation for a special election to choose President-elect Barack Obama's successor.
That possibility has provoked outrage among black community leaders and politicians. Not so fast, they are saying.
Last month, the Concerned Clergy of Illinois demanded that the governor appoint a "qualified" African American "who can fill this vacancy and who has the capacity to be re-elected when [Obama's] term ends in 2010." The problem, as I wrote then, is that black leaders were at odds on who should get the nod."
So Laura and the Concerned Clergy of Illinois get an Orwell Award for furthering the perversion of the word "racist." The word means discriminating against someone based on their race and has been a term of opprobrium until lefties got a hold of it. They have perverted it into meaning something bad if it is pro-white but very acceptable if it is anti-white. They are pimping the language into meaninglessness for their own petty, selfish ends.

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