Sunday, December 14, 2008

Google: "Yeah,We Decide What Is Relevant. If You Don't Like It Go Back To Dogpile."

Google has come right out and said that their staff decided which search results to return. They don't say how long this has been going on.
Atlas Shrugs, who has been omitted from Google results for awhile says: "Now that Hussein is in the White House, Google (a chief fundraiser and potential member of O's administration) wants to control the news on their man. I never saw this kind of news suppression under Bush. You could say anything, BushChimpHitler, and get away with it.
Entering the dark age ...."

Some other choices Yahoo AltaVista Dogpile


Crazy John said...

Jezz Louise you Right Wingers are Paranoid, better take your meds

Chris M. said...

Rather than answering what I said you insult and demean me without evidence. Does that mean you accept what I say but are angry about it? And, if any readers are wondering, I am not on any psychotropic medications. Crazy John just thinks it is insulting to make that accusation. John might even think it is a valid reply to what I wrote. And maybe in his world it is.

Crazy John said...

Touche' I am Bested and on medication