Sunday, December 21, 2008

Journalistic Malpractise

I want Barack Obama to be successful as president. I want him to be successful in improving the economy. And I want him to keep America safe from foreign and domestic enemies. But I do not think me stifling criticism of Obama will increase his chances for success. And, since the dinosaur media have refused to look closely at Obama, their natural responsibilities in a democratic government must be assumed by someone. So I am doing my small part.
Add to this another problem caused by the media. I feel sure that they overstated the severity of the problems to help elect Obama. I’m quite sure there are some people presently without jobs just because some editors and reporters felt that the election of Obama was more important than truth, balance or people’s jobs. And this will continue to be a problem. The media will frame the reporting of economic news however they feel necessary to help Obama. They will make things look worse so as to increase the amount of power people are willing to cede to Obama and decrease criticism of Obama. They have been and will continue to go out of their way to lay blame on Republicans beyond what is indicated by the facts. And they will continue to refuse to hold Democrats responsible in any way.
They themselves are mostly Democrats and/or sympathetic to Democrats. A doctor is not allowed to treat himself or anyone he is related to because of the dangers that could be caused to the patient by lack of objectivity. Yet hundreds of billions of dollars are being handed out based on the reports of men and women who have proven themselves incapable of objectivity. This is not a prescription for health.

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