Sunday, March 1, 2009

CNN Does Another Hatchet Job -- Vierwers and Standards Lose Again

They were out to get Wilders from the beginning. They have little interest in hearing what he has to say. They spend most of the time playing his critics and quoting people who attack him. There was no citation of a friendly source. And Wilders was not given a chance to answer most of the nebulous allegations against him. It superficially had the look of fairness since he was shown on camera as answering the questions but most of the attacks were edited in later and there is no sign of anything positive about the man. It was a hatchet job carried out with the sole intent of character assassination. A viewer who wanted to find out about Wilders would not learn much here, He would just go away knowing what CNN thinks about him and with a few quotes from people no one has ever heard of. How do I know if I should even listen to these critics since their bone fides are not established? You will have to look elsewhere for decent journalism. CNN obviously hates truth and fairness.

ht/Atlas Shrugs

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