Tuesday, March 10, 2009

kos kid Takes on Oil Industry and their Rag, the Picayune

Crashing Vos at dKos seems angry that the petroleum industry would claim they create jobs. He also seems steamed that they would go into a public forum and share the information. Relevant quote: “God, these guys never give it a rest.  And living in the town with Louisiana's biggest-circulation paper, I get it shoved in my face with the morning coffee.
“Last Sunday, the Times-Pic's Money section was trumpeting the American Energy Alliance's "report" (read "fantasy") that opening the Outer Continental Shelf would create 36 million jobs over 30 years. . . . . . oil state rags like the Picayune offer a platform from the Petro Association's whines”
Much of the post deals with oil company royalties and taxes. But, as for the job creation claims of the oil companies, CV has no evidence or argument against them (unless calling it a ‘fantasy‘ has been upgraded from ad hominem attack to real life argument) . I just have a feeling he hates the petroleum companies and does not want them given a hearing. I wouldn’t know Crushing Vos from an oil sump so I’m only guessing here but I bet he would see ACORN and their cronies as a more valid long term employment growth sector for the federal government to stimulate.

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