Wednesday, March 4, 2009

MSM Sell Out and Suck Up at the Same Time While Grinning at the Peanut Gallery

These are two quotes from a NewsBusters piece about how the dinosaur media are simultaneously sucking up to and selling out to Team Obama. It is sad,
"Want to know the sordid details of how the press sucks up to staffers at the White House? According to Politico's Michael Calderone it is via a "beat sweetener" article, a concept well known in Old Media circles. A "beat sweetener" is an article meant to flatter a White House staffer so that said reporter might find easier access to the inside stuff later on.
. . . . . . . . .
"One cannot help but wonder, though, if we might rather tend to see the "beat sweetener" practice turn a reporter into a sufferer of CNN-Baghdad-Bureau syndrome. That would be the situation where CNN never reported on Saddam Hussein's atrocities because the cable channel didn't want the dictator to throw them out of the country thereby closing its Iraq news bureau. In that case CNN found no problem in turning a blind eye to Saddam's atrocities to keep the flow in information going. In like manner, it easily causes worry that reporters that employ "beat sweetener" stories to keep the flow of information coming from White House staffers might turn a blind eye to stories that should be reported but aren't because the reporter is more interested in safekeeping access than in reporting the truth."

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