Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sad, Funny, Pathetic and Frightening.

Obama has had a near endless parade of ridiculous appointments. The legal and ethical lapses of far too many of his appointmentss is beyond anything in history. But the MSM have endowed this joke of a president with teflon undies. They briefly mention each colossal screw up and then behave as if these were things done to their much worshiped leader rather than an endless succession of tricks he has attempted to play on the American people. Any other president who had messed up this badly this many times in so short a period would have become merely an object of laughter and abuse by now. But in spite of the obvious pattern and the media's oversupply of commentators none of them have seen the obvious or spoken about it.
No matter what Obama does the dinosaur media have only done a minimum of reporting and the maximum amount of worship they can get away with without looking like total, utter fools. Journalists are unfazed by the endless line of lefties, incompetents and cronies. He has treated the media like lap dogs and slaves and their only worry seems to be that they might disappoint him. Is there anything he could do that would cause the least mummer of criticism from them? He has already gotten them on their knees, kicked them in the groin and spit on them. And these stupid cowards just beg for more. It is some strange mixture of sad, funny, pathetic and frightening.

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