Monday, October 5, 2009

Chicago's Mayor Daley: "Only 47 in his administration have been CONVICTED OF CORRUPTION charges since 2004."

Good thing President Obama was not part of the Daley machine. He wasn't was he? Well, he wasn't one of the 47 anyway. Rachel Madow was on Meet the Press and raving because Palin's coauthor once wrote a book with a white separatist. (No, I have no idea or proof one way or the other about the political sympathies of everyone Palin has ever had contact with. And, yes, Madow on MTP might be a warning sign of the end of days.) When it was pointed out that Madow was engaging in guilt by association, she responded that it was just guilt by choice. If such logic and word twisting were to be acceptable, Barack is one very guilty by choice president. If Madow's self-serving foolishness was universally applied none of us would escape guilt. Since no man is an island we are all connected to someone who is connected to the wrong person. My great grandmother was a very racist person. If Madow's illogic were to hold up, I would be deemed unacceptable by association with great grandma. Maybe anyone reading what I write should also be sent to Coventry. I have to wonder if me watching a clip of Madow on NewsBusted makes Madow unacceptable. After all Madow willingly went on the show knowing full well that slime creatures such as myself would be watching.

I came across this clip on an excellent site I happened across at two in the morning called Disinformation You Deserve. I recommend checking it out.

H/T: Disinformation You Deserve

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