Saturday, October 17, 2009

It Was Just A Joke: Unfortunately You Don't Have the Smarts to Understand My Humor

The White House communications person who was all over the place trying to marginalize Fox News last weekend has since been featured in a speech calling Mao one of her two favorite political philosophers. When confronted about idolizing a mass murderer Anita Dunn replied that she had merely been ironically joking but her critics lack the intelligence to understand her humor. Sorry lady, I saw the video clip. If that was an attempt at humor, you are the probably the only one of God’s creatures able to see the joke. She further attempted to shirk responsibility for her own words by saying that she had heard the quote from Lee Atwater.
This all got me to wondering if she was just trying out a new communications strategy for the Obama administration. They obviously need a lot of help. Every one in the world now knows that Team Obama is a spectacular and total failure. With the humorous and ironic side light that the only people unable to clearly see Obama’s failure are the people who are paid to understand these things; the news media doesn’t even know where to buy a clue. Now that’s the kind of ironic humor that Anita Dunn dishonestly tries to make a claim to using.
But can we soon expect someone from the Obama Administration’s super intelligent communications office to put Plan Dunn into effect? Will we soon hear a pronouncement along the lines of, “Every statement ever made by anyone in Team Obama was just a joke. We are saddened to announce that the media and all of the American people are too stupid and uneducated to understand our extremely clever wit. We decided on communicating by means these jokes because our great leader, whenever he has read any of the writings of the men who founded America, saw clearly that they could not have been serious about one word they wrote or spoke. The Great Obama was able to see through the mythology surrounding the Constitutional convention and see it for the gigantic goof that it was. Come on, only a fool would believe that average, run of the mill people are capable of governing themselves. We Democrats know better than that. That's why we have a superdelegate system in place: so that our very wise leaders maintain final control over everything. And our caucuses make it even more difficult for the mob to have much input. The inability of Americans to identify our humor and the founding joke just proves that you are all too stupid to be capable of governing yourselves. The election of a truly progressive Democrat was required to finally, after over two hundred years, put someone in the White House who actually understands America. You fools need heroes as intelligent as us to keep you from drowning in your own drool. Anyway, because of George Bush’s wild overspending we can no longer afford elections. But we will save you from yourselves.”


Joe said...

Note to Anita Dunn: Uhh...sorry, Anita, your tone was not one of irony and it is too late to now ascribe it thusly.

The truth is you said what you said and it is my humble, but correct, opinion that you meant what you said.

If not, please provide us with a list of the things you mean when you say them and a list of the things you don't mean when you say them so we can tell the difference.

It is not us who lack the intelligence, you frump.

Quite Rightly said...


Great post!

Who was it that said, "Don't tell me that words don't matter"?

Oh, yeah, I remember now:

Jeff Stone said...

She said it was irony. Accept it !

Otherwise you must be a raaaaacist !