Sunday, October 4, 2009

Latest Candidate to Replace Boxer as Dumbest and Most Obnoxious Senator

Sen. Tom Carper in his stunningly successful fight to make it to the bottom of the barrel.

Basically this guy is saying he doesn’t understand the legislation he’s voting on. He is saying he lacks the competence to do his job. So there is no justifiable reason for reelecting him. There was the traditional Democrat elitist attempt to charm me by making it very clear he thinks that I’m too stupid to understand the legislation and the situation. His lame attempt to charm me did not win my heart. And it does not keep me from focusing on the fool’s admission that he lacks the skills to do his job. He seems to think that his ability to insult the voters excuses him from learning how to do his job. Since he is not capable of understanding the bill how could he judge who else is or is not capable of comprehending it? And of course the money question is: why should he be allowed to vote on something he freely admits ignorance of? If someone made a decent campaign commercial out of this clip and still lost the election to this low life, then his state deserves no better than his incompetence to represent them.

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