Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Even The Nation Magazine Is Turning on Obama

-A piece in the latest Nation says about the Obama administration's childish attack on Fox News:
"When Dunn was asked whether the president refused to accept interview requests from Fox because the White House sees the network as “a wing of the Republican party,” the communications director responded: “Is this why he did not appear? The answer is yes.”
"That is such a radically wrong response that it calls into question the whole communications strategy of an administration that has somehow managed to take a man who was elected with a mandate and lodge him in a corner where there are now serious questions about whether a Democratic president and an overwhelmingly Democratic Congress can enact basic elements of the Democratic agenda."
The title of the piece was 'Whiner-In-Chief.'
And some Americans are thinking that the republic has problems that make Obama's personal animus against Fox seem not even worth any effort. Yet Fox and the president's poor hurt feelings seem to be getting more attention than anything else going on. Americans expect the people they elect to the presidency to be capable of raising above such pettiness. Barack Obama is clearly incapable of summoning up the maturity required by the office.

h/t: Hot Air

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