Saturday, October 24, 2009

FOX: Embrace Your NonObama Reality

FOX don't argue with the president. Be grateful to him and his surrogates for reminding the world seven times a day that you are very different from MSNBC, CNN, NBC, etc. As more and more Americans flee those Obama worshipping propaganda mills, FOX looks better every day. Do some marketing emphasizing this distinction. Maybe something along the lines of, "We're the network Obama loves to hate. Come by and see what the White House communications director is afraid of. We tell the truth so she doesn't have to." or. "You've loved talk radio for years, Now President Obama says we're just like them. Drop by and see why The Man loves to hate us."
The president and his crew don't think about the long term effects of much of what they do. I don't know but maybe that just comes along with none of them having much executive experience. Also, the lack of proper vetting cannot help. Because they are doing everything they can to freeze out FOX in the press briefing room, what if Fox doesn't just whine and snivel like a White House aide? What if FOX reporters start developing alternative sources of information? Is it possible that some of the alternative sources could make impeachment or electoral defeat inevitable? From the backgrounds and pedigrees of the president and many of those around him this has to be entertained as a serious possibility.
Below is a clip of Greta van Sustern and Tucker Carlson that I ran across at A View From the Hills. I love it when Carlson says, “David Axelrod lecturing us on honesty. Can you imagine that?”

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One Ticked Chick said...

If the WH isn't so concerned about Fox News, and not losing sleep over them, then why do they continue to attack FNC? Obviously Fox News is giving them nightmares.