Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Transparency Watch -- Lying Clowns Edition


The next time so many senior advisors are in front of so many so called reporters maybe one could ask a pertinent question. For example, I'd really like to know why CSPAN isn't covering all of the health care negotiations like the so called president promised. Maybe our noted liar could also explain why he did not go the public financing route as he had promised he would. Maybe in the future President could pledge to resign if he fails to keep a new promise he makes. It's a good strategy since many rubes might be likely to believe the promise. And since he doesn't respect his own word and never releases any power, there is no danger of us getting stuck with Biden. Remember Biden is the guy Newsweek assures us is NOT a clown. Of course if Biden is going to keep acting and talking like he always has, to reassure the poor Democrat base that has to cover for so many lies and broken promises he might have to legally change his name to Joe I Am Not A Clown Biden. It might also help if all members of the administration refuse to have any truck with any 'news organization' that does not always refer to the Veep as. 'the great statesman Joe Biden' at all times. Use that bully pulpit to spread some bull!
But seriously folks, the next Nobel Peace Prize should go to anyone who can get Obama to honor a substantive promise. That could cut down on the jet traffic to Oslo. *****************************
************* UPDATE *************************
Also worthy of mention in relation to transparency is what is going on with the health care reform hoax. All work on this legislation takes place behind closed doors. We might know who we elected to congress but we have no way of knowing who is doing the actual legislative work. There is no reason to believe that any elected representative has done any writing or anything of value in any of President Obama's legislative onslaught. It is very likely lobbyists and corporate employees who are writing whatever the congressional Democrats rubber stamp. Or it could all be done by Chicago pols and ACORN and SEIU employees. The only sure thing is that no member of the House or the Senate is doing the most important work of Congress.

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