Friday, October 30, 2009

Will Illegal Aliens Be Counted in the Upcoming Census?


h/t: Chicago Blues Girl

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Brittanicus said...

Sen. David Vitter R-LA-Bennett R-UT have been offering an amendment to the Commerce, Justice, and Science appropriations bill that would require the U.S. Census Bureau to add questions regarding immigration & citizenship status of 20 to 30 million plus illegal immigrants and families in the 2010 decennial census. If these questions are not asked it is certain that--ALL--illegal aliens will be counted in the census and states losing billions of dollars in federal funds to states infamously designated as SANCTUARY STATES such as CALIFORNIA They will gain Congressional seats (and electoral college votes) due to this counting of illegal DEMAND FROM YOUR SENATORS THAT SEN. VITTERS’ AMENDMENT BE INCLUDED. Only citizens and permanent residents should be counted. Just may be citizens and legal residents should--abstain--from being counted in the 2010, if the Democrats insist in illegal immigrants who broke our sovereignty laws.

Vitter stated," If the current census plan goes ahead, the inclusion of non-citizens toward apportionment will artificially increase the population count in certain states, and that will likely result in the loss of congressional seats for nine other states, including Louisiana,” CALL YOUR SENATOR OR REPRESENTATIVE AT 202-224-3121 AND DEMAND NO ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT SHOULD BE ENUMERATED IN THE 2010 CENSUS

Sen. Harry Reid D-NV, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi D-CA, once again is trying to weaken or table illegal immigrant enforcement amendments, that included E-Verify, County police training program 287 G. Reid and his co-conspirators. They are well versed in the act of undermining any immigration enforcement laws already on the books, or have been prepared for the Senate chambers. Both California, Nevada are heavily populated with millions of illegal aliens, with their treasuries already wrecked by incompetence as Democratic leaders and many other politicians pander to the financial demands of foreign nationals

Why do US citizens and permanent residents have to keep on repeating the same mantra, until their blue in the face? THIS IS NOT ABOUT BIGOTRY OR RACISM, ITS ABOUT FINANCIAL SURVIVAL as the Democratic-Marxists-Socialists like you to think?

I joined NUMBERSUSA, JUDICIAL WATCH to be aware of what's happening behind closed doors in Washington? So why should foreign nationals just slip by the US Border Patrol, or equally as insidious over-stay there tourist visa, knowing full well there here to permanently settle.