Friday, February 12, 2010

Barack Obama Could Not Bipartisan His Way Out Of A Wet Paper Bag

What is bipartisanship anyway? Don’t ask Barack Obama. Sure he talked a lot about how he will be bipartisan during the election. And it had it’s desired effect for him. It made him look like a uniter and the Republicans look like dividers. Well, good for his lying campaign . Just don’t look any closer or Obama does not come off looking so good. He had essentially no history of ever behaving in any bipartisan manner. And once elected, in spite of the promises he engaged in no bipartisanship.
By means of his surrogates he engaged in a scorched earth policy toward any and all opponents. It was all a lie. It was merely a campaign slogan. He is such a knife in your back partisan that he might not be able to work with the other party if it meant saving his own skin. So it is good that he virtually has kept his hands off what is happening in congress. So that if bipartisanship is ever necessary and possible he will have little influence to mess it up. Thankfully he is remains ignorant about the workings of Congress and why he might help himself there. And he is not building bridges. His main effect over there this session has been, by his presence at close elections, to help in the election of candidates hostile to himself and his party. That can’t be building his influence with the Democrats in either house.
Actually the majority of Americans would be, if they examined their beliefs and preferences, glad that Obama has been a total washout at the bipartisanship thing. Because of Obama’s lack in this area we have been spared cap and trade and it’s inflationary and recession producing monster attack of nation killing taxes. We have been spared card check. We were recently saved from an appointee to the NLRB who feels that workers should be denied the right to vote on whether or not they desire union membership: this man if given his druthers would have only allowed workers to vote on which union would represent them. And I hear Democrats are already experiencing buyers remorse on their thoughtless and little discussed appointment of Sonia Sotomeyer. But the main victory of our total lack of bipartisanship in Congress is Obama’s health care reform hoax. Partly because Obama could not bipartisan his way out of a wet paper bag that brutal atrocity of a misbegotten piece of legislation lies in two different but equally ugly and recession threatening pieces in the separate houses. Pelosi and Reid have little chance of putting Humpty Dumpty together in a passable bill without incurring the sure and certain wrath of the electorate. So, I guess thoughtful Americans who care about the preservation of their country and the economy that keeps it going should be thanking Barack Obama for being so much more a man of words than a man of action. Thank you, Barrack
Scott Brown is a better example of bipartisanship Democrats and Republicans and independents getting together to let Katy Couric, the president and his little friend Stephanopoulos know how they feel about their elite butts that don’t listen to the voters This is bipartisanship. This is political action that benefits everyone involved. And at this point the great ones in Washington are ignoring this as much as they think they can get away with. They are looking at it kind of like the fat girl looking in the mirror: they ignore the unsightly and life threatening fat and practice their long perfected ability to just look at the make up being applied.
Here’s one of the main lesions of this whole thing. If Barack is acting reasonable or like a uniter and his lips are moving he is lying. This is how he thinks he can best get over on the American public. Most of us have been smart enough to have learned our lesson. But you will continue to hear this BS from the MSM. That reasonable leader BS along with divisive and groundless accusations of racism and now birtherism. They are truly desperate. But they do not think themselves far enough gone to engage in true bipartisanship.


Quite Rightly said...

Wow! You got that right!


Joe said...

To President BO, bipartisan means "agree with me on everything while I am telling you that you don't have to agree with me on everything."

Does that make sense?

I rest my case.