Thursday, February 25, 2010

Republicans Came Out Ahead Seems to Be the Consensus of Gergen and this CNN Panel: Watch Out Dems, If You've Even Lost CNN You're Effed!!



I watched a little more than three hours of the summit. I could only take so much. Boring as it was, it was more interesting than I expected. How many times can you listen to the same points made again and again and how much reminder do you want in a couple of hours that people getting health care are sick, having rough times and often do not have every thing going their way? People going through rough times have a rough time of it. I get it. Waxman might want me to believe that the federal government can make the boo-boo all better. But you have to wonder, if they will not listen to the reality of how it will all be paid for by borrowing too much and printing more and more worthless greenbacks and they will ignore the endless beat of opinion polls that all seem to show strong public disgust with their plan, well, you have to wonder if people who will so ignore present reality can help create anything but a perverse alternative that the willingly deaf and blind have fated for themselves and anyone who will listen to them.
My initial description of the summit went like this: "It was like a strange kind of liar's poker game.. The Dem says I'll ignore 37% of what you say and I'll make a statement that you will certainly ignore 74% of because you're owned by an insurance company. And the Republican limps in with a statement with an unacknowledged but complete neglect of 42% of what the Dem said and 53% of what he says is ignored by the president. And on around the table it goes." I sent this off to the B Cast and Scott read it on the air. (He will no longer give me credit by name for my rare contributions and I don't know why. I do know that I have a unique talent for pissing people off and I often can never figure out why. I am socially phobic and congenitally incapable of picking up lots of social cues. So there is communication going on all around me all the time that I am not even aware of and do not have a clue of how to read. So I'm figuring that it is just another one of those kinds of things with the B Cast. When I was younger I alternated between ignoring that this even existed and suffering horribly from it. Now I see myself as too old to change much so it still causes me problems from time to time and it does hurt a little but, mostly, now I just accept it as part of who I am and accept that it is going to kick my ass from time to time, and so be it.)


yukio ngaby said...

Regarding the post title-- too true! Wait until they lose MSNBC... as if.

Chris M. said...

I share your trepidation at claiming such victories in the MSM. But take a look at this post and the comments from daily Kos:

They did not put it anywhere near the top of the page and there was no mention of health care before they got to this post. And the guy who said that naturally the Dems had won and the MSM were only saying what they had been ordered to say by their puppet masters seems to say it all: the krazies must think that 'those ordered to say by their corporate masters' are saying the kosacks believe the Dems have been pwned.
I know there will be the inevitable expression of original thought in the MSM (= 'I'm a rebel against conventional wisdom and besides the Republicans are bagger scum')
I'm curious to see how or if the wider range of citizens will be loudly intolerant of reconciliation.