Tuesday, February 9, 2010

America, "Is the Greatest Experiment in Human History" Behar Mockingly Replies, "Yeah, So What."


h/t: Pundit and Pundette

I've never seen PG on any talk show outside of Fox before. Judging from this Behar will be sorry she introduced Pam to the wider world. It is typical of MSM talking head shows in that they feel they need 3 liberals to overpower one lone conservative. They refuse to talk about things that you might think would be of importance to those who claim to value human rights and women's rights. They treat clitorectomies as a taboo subject. But Pan is not afraid to discuss this or honor killings.
But PG had them acting a little crazy. It was funny and scary the way Ron Reagan, Jr. spit out the words, "I would lighten up on me if I were you." A little bit of me wondered if he was threatening her with physical retaliation just because of the obviously large amount of anger he exhibited. But I imagine he will just do an interpretive dance mocking Pam.
But the definitive moment was when Pam said of America, "It's the most magnificent experiment in human history." and Behar answered with a snide and demeaning, "Yeah, so what." That little exchange dramatically defines the two sides. Which side are you on?

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Joe said...

Behar is a vile, vicious, ignoramous.