Sunday, February 14, 2010

Let Freedom Ring -- Even If The Only Reply From The MSM Is, "You Racist, Homophobe, Sexist , , , "

We are in the midst of an explosion of free speech. The general populace turning its back on the alphabets and the big newspapers and news magazines is part of the growth of free speech. It was like they used to have it all locked down tight as a closed union town: if you didn’t work for one of them you were not allowed to express yourself. And they kept a close eye on who they allowed to talk and what they could say. Their basic ‘thing’ could be summarized as: work for us and talk about what we want the way we want or you are not part of the public discussion and if you cross us we’ll savage you in every possible way, just look at the corpse of Sarah Palin suspended in the town square. If you don’t believe Sarah is dead we’ll back stab and then pummel you just as bad.
As we all know there have been a lot of changes. Talk radio has grown in popularity and become even more widespread than ten or fifteen years ago. Fox News was founded and steadily gained viewers in spite of dire warnings from the union thugs and bosses. And the internet, oh the internet! Where would James O’Keefe’s work exposing ACORN be without YouTube? And where would YouTube fit in without the net? Because of O’Keefe, Breitbart, YouTube and the internet someday many, many Americans will be saying, “If it weren’t for O’Keefe we would never have grown to know what manner of organization Barack Obama strangely felt at home with and funneled never ending taxpayer money that that Congress of liars and thieves failed to provide oversight to.” No, the fat lady has not sung on that one yet and it’s because of the net, Fox and radio free America. And there are no thanks due to those who the founders hoped would protect free speech and give some oversight to Congress. Now the individual citizen has to join with other common citizens to give some motivation to Congress to do its job..
No the MSM is a large part of the problem. Of course, they long ago sold out on their constitutional responsibilities by shutting out and attacking those they disagreed with. They have become so frightened of losing their power and position that that they have begun to label their enemies as unpatriotic. But the accusations of lack of patriotism only came because they are finally discovering that, if you work for NBC and you call most anyone who doesn’t work for NBC a racist, homophobe, sexist, whatever, whatever that the main responses become people politely ignoring you or just laughing at you.
Of course the emotional extortion and strong arm tactics are all part of the whole closed union shop thing. When the union boss is afraid of his territory being threatened by another union or workers who don’t want a union, out come the thugs and the strong arm tactics. Thus Palin in the town square and Rush and Beck and any other loud voice in opposition or just not following the party line. This goes against the values most Americans hold to so this criminal activity is losing and will continue to lose. Just get ready for lots of name calling, yelling and screaming because the MSM thugs will not end it quickly or quietly.

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