Thursday, May 6, 2010

Today's 'Impervious to Reality' Award Goes to Chris Matthews who Still Thinks Obama's One of Our Smartest Presidents

Matthews just can't understand why someone would criticize a president as smart as Obama. I am sure history will not remember Obama as particularly intelligent. He might be remembered as the president who made Nixon look honest by comparison or the president who did the most for our enemies and the least for our allies. There are enough questionable issues that might end up in an Obama impeachment. Strangely, Matthews keeps asking what problem Obama's critics could have with his approach to terrorism. I think that we are under threat from people would like to kill us and will if they get a chance. I do not have a sense that Obama sees it that way. I think that Obama is OK with Americans dying as long as no one says anything that any Muslim is uncomfortable with hearing. I am convinced that if he took the real threats that exist serious he would not leave our borders wide open and he would not have someone as incompetent as Napolitano in charge of DHS. By keeping Napolitano there he is effectively saying, "Keep setting bombs and shooting people because I won't fire Janet until she makes me look like a complete idiot."

h/t: Newsbusters

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