Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Accountability Update: Come Back When There Is Money In It For Stabenow

The recent Rasmussen poll cited below shows the American people don’t think much of the stimulus bill. That got me to wondering what Senator Debbie Stabenow thinks of polls that make the Democrats and Obama look bad. Will she be demanding fairness, balance and accountability from pollsters? Will she attempt to use the power she has as a senator to silence her critics? Might she say, “The only poll that matters is the one taken by the clerk of the senate?”
But then I realized that this is very different from the case of talk radio. If the power of the senate is extended over talk radio, Debbie’s husband and thus Debbie will make a lot more money. But senator Stabenow would make no money from federal control of pollsters. So she probably doesn’t care what they say or do.
So, am I saying that the spirit of public service is dead in America? No. But it hasn’t been anywhere near congress in a long time. (Though Senator Gregg’s and the House Republicans’ recent actions keep hope alive.)

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