Thursday, February 19, 2009

Obama Still Not Vetted But If He Ever Wants An Important Job . . . .

This video is a couple of months old. I can remember the first time I saw it: I have not been able to take a word that comes out of Barnicles' mouth serious since. John Harwood from the NYT acts like some basic principles of Journalism 101 that Scarborough mentions are new and unusual.
I don't enjoy being continually negative but the times are out of whack and these guys are pushing it further. I feel a responsibility to keep this information out there lest I slacken and start harboring a shadow of a belief that the 2008 election was normal.
I'm not saying McCain should necessarily have won. But the media shirked its responsibility until Hell wouldn't have it anymore. And Obama raised millions of dollars, possibly hundreds of millions illegally. And glitches in the system and the rank prejudice of the media have kept this from being investigated or becoming public knowledge.

HatTip/Daily Puma

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