Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Donkey Follies

NewsBusters has a story about some of Bill Moyer's nefarious activities while an aide to LBJ. Seems there are accusations that he misused the FBI to seek out evidence of homosexuality in political opponents. And such charges have been made about him before. The fact that the dinosaur media are a part of the Democrat party has thus far saved him from any disgrace. (But, who knows, maybe he has FBI files on some members of the media?).
Which gives rise to the observation that it is strange what has been going on the past few months.  We elect a Democrat president and then this endless parade of disgraced Democrats begins filing past.  Rangel's four rent control apartments (each a primary residence); and him paying whichever taxes he feels like whenever he happens to be in the mood.  Waters, Frank, Dodd and others destroying the banking system, Rahm Emanuel too afraid to speak on the record, Patterson's many stumbles,  a Blagopalooza that remains unexamined by the press.  I've long since quit trying to remember all the mayors, city councilmen and state legislators that the Name That Party headline has endlessly been pulled out for.   Then you've got Richardson, Dashle, Geithner and now Moyers.  And I probably left out a bunch.
 Makes me wonder if taking it easy on them in '10 wouldn't give them enough rope to really, really hang themselves. There might not be a significant number of them out of jail after two more years in power  And the Republicans could then settle down to the business of cleaning up their mess.

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