Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Most Ethical State Senator Will Be Given A Discounted Price On The US Senate Seat

This is by Alessandro Machi copied and pasted complete from the Daily Puma. (The headline is my own creation.)

Ethics rule number 1,
For maximum flexibility, don't reveal list of ethics.

Ethics Rule number 2,
Refer to rule number one.

Ethics Rule number 3,
Are you still here?

Ethics Rule number 4,
It is not ethical to waste the presidents time with non-pertinent
ethics questions.

Ethics Rule number 5,
If you don't have another question, please allow someone else a chance.

Ethics Rule number 6,
Just Go Away, Please.

Ethics Rule number 7,
Just Go Away.

Ethics Rule number 8
Just Go.

Ethics Rule number 9
So, have you found a new press plane to travel on?

Ethics Rule number 10
The ethics list doubles as a bib for your wagyu steak.


Alessandro Machi said...

Just to Clarify, Jake Tapper asked if a copy of the ethics list that was being used to select cabinet members would be made available to the press.

That was the actual motivation for the ethics list.


As for the new senator from Chicago, Blago can argue that the guy who got the senator's spot from him, Burris, never directly paid him a dime for it.

If it turns out that Burris never gave Blago any money personally, than shouldn't Blago walk because the person who actually got the senator's seat never paid for it?

Actually could make a very strong case for acquittal if no direct correlation can be made between bribing and actually getting something for the bribe.

Chris M. said...

I think you're right. No cash, no crime.
You might be interested in a slightly later post. In it I write about the highly unusual possibility that the Senate Ethics Committee might investigate the ethics of a senator. Strange times we live in.