Sunday, February 22, 2009

Republican Govenors Wrong No Matter What

In this showpiece of illogic Maddow seems to find all Republican governors always wrong. Could it just be because they're Republicans? She sneers and looks down her nose at Pawlenty because he had disagreements with the stimulus bill and yet will probably take the money. He points out that he is in favor of a stimulus bill but does not agree with everything in this bill. That causes more derision from Maddow. This leads to the conclusion that her position is that anyone touching any of that money must agree with every word, jot and tittle of the bill to not be judged a hypocritical clown by Maddow. Now that is the real absurdity to be found in this video. She expresses disdain for those who take the money followed by she and Frank Rich attacking the slimeballs who will not take the money. Her damned if you do and damned if you don't position shows she has no interest in anything constructive: she just wants a partisan knife fight. And she does most of the knifing while the victim is off camera and yet seems surprised that not many Republicans will come on her show. How many offers to be knifed in the back get a warm reception?
And how does one judge Diane Feinstein or Barbara Boxer who voted for the bill without even knowing what is in it? How could one even say Di and Babs agreed with it since they were (and probably still are) ignorant of what it is? Maybe Maddow will make fun of them on an upcoming show?


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