Saturday, February 28, 2009

Bush Budget Deficit

I think I understand the Bush budget deficit better now. The main barrier to the budget being balanced was the unwillingness of fat cat Democrats to pay their fair share of taxes. And, since the federal bureaucracy is top heavy with Democrats, this whole class of social thieves felt sure they could get away with only payingf the amount of tax they felt like paying. As we clearly see from the Obama cabinet and adviser vetting and senate approval process. Most all Democrats who have any history of having had power ignore taxes for years on end. And these cheats obviously have no shame about their anti-social behavior. And when they finally get pushed into paying they inexplicably are spared the penalties and interest compounded daily that the IRS collects from the under class (that's you and me).
Their leader and example in these crimes is Charlie Rangel. Rangel is chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee. He is chairman of the committee that writes tax law but he is notorious for unreported income and underpaying taxes: something that could even end an honest person up in jail. But I don't think we have to fear much honesty from this crook. The jerk apparently has five different residences that he claims as his primary residence. This is the kind of thing that could get normal people in all kinds of trouble but it's just business as usual for Charlie and his Democrat cronies. And the House's so-called Ethics Committee has no problems with a Democrat committee chairman breaking the law.
So how many of these cheats are out there? Is the number in the tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands? And how much have they cheated their fellow citizens out of? It becomes especially rich when next to their unending crime spree you place the vision of them giving holier than thou lectures about how law abiding citizens should live and who should pay which and how much taxes.
Basically we have the life styles of the rich criminal hypocrites brought to you at the expense of honest, hard working Americans. It's disgusting and creepy. And someday the media might report it in fitting detail and depth. Or maybe the dysfunctional media will leave it all for historians to explain.

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