Friday, February 27, 2009

Obama Sends A Parade of Cheats and Liars Before Congress and MSM Increases Praise and Worship

Working Subtitle: The buck no longer stops with the president or maybe journalists and reporters, with heads bowed in worship, just can't see the big fat tax dodging, ethics ignoring buck

This little quote is from Stop the ACLU, "In the filed(sic) of labor, Obama has sought out as his new chief of labor, one Hilda Solis. Solis has been found to have violated ethics rules by lobbying for a union friendly labor bill while she was both a member of Congress AND a member of the very unions that would benefit from the legislation." I vaguely remember reading about Solis' nomination going down in flames. But there were so many Obama nominees that were so ethically sub parr all at once that it became a blur.
I bring up the incident at this late date to talk about a couple of related issues.
While in Congress this woman was speaking and voting on questions that she should have recused herself from since it was legislation that would be to her personal benefit. The important point is that congress has lost the will to enforce any ethical standards on itself. And the only reasonable way of dealing with this breach of trust is to vote them all out. I'd prefer it if we voted the Democrats out first but I'm really comfortable with any approach that gets rid of lots and lots of them and puts some fear into the rest of them. They just need to be frightened enough to behave ethically and responsibility (which might never happen with the incumbents).
Also of note is that there was such a parade of the ethically incompetent as Obama made his many nominations that any other president who generated such a record would have quickly become a laughing stock and a bit of a pariah. But Obama has continued to be treated as if his decisions are of value and maybe it all just kind of happened to him. The dinosaur media's memory has become super selective. Rather than picking up on an obvious pattern they remain in a perpetual state of adulation and worship. They daily prove that they are as incompetent, rotten and useless as congress. Serious conservatives must stop answering biased questions from the likes of Blitzer and Lauer and relentlessly demand that they explain why they have forsaken their responsibilities as journalists. They should be endlessly asked, "Why did you totally miss the parade of tax and other cheats that Obama could not get past congress? Why are you only capable of harsh judgment against Republicans? Do you hate America? Why this pattern of ignoring assaults on ethical behavior in public offials while mindlessly praising them for meaningless, ethereal and nonexistent virtue like 'bringing hope'?"

A useful rule of thumb: if they are in Washington and are talking, they are lying.
If they are on network news and their mouths are moving, they're lying.

This was not seen as newsworthy by the dinosaur media. This is stuff that was barely noted in passing and then ignored by the many mouthy commentators that the dinosaur media use, not so much for commentary, but because they're more cost effective than actual news gathering.

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