Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Muslim Autonomous Zones

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From Daniel Pipes, an interesting speculation on the future of Western Civilization and Islam’s anti-civilization.

In “Europe’s Stark Options,” I considered the future of the Muslim-European encounter and conclude there are three possible futures, “harmonious integration, the expulsion of Muslims, or an Islamic takeover.” I then dismissed the first as unrealistic and stated that it is too early to predict which of the latter two unattractive possibilities will come to pass.

A reader, Chris Slater of Upper Hutt, New Zealand, writes me to predict a fourth outcome as most likely: “larger existing Muslim areas will re-create themselves into independent national entities” and “by the middle of the twenty-first century nearly all western European countries will be riven by the creation of Islamic city states within their borders. For the sake of brevity they will be referred to as ‘microstates,’ that is, autonomous conurbations defined by the Islamic beliefs of their citizens.”

Read the whole piece here.

I prefer the expulsion option, as there is no peaceful coexistence with an Islamic state, whether micro or macro. It’s sort of like tolerating a little bit of cancer.

These microstates will enjoy a “monopoly on legitimate violence,” impose their own autonomous legal order, and form alliances among themselves. They will feature such Shar‘i customs as polygyny, no-interest finance, huddud punishments, Islamic ways of dress, family “honor” codes, bans on criticism of Islam, and so on. Arabic and the dominant immigrant vernacular will enjoy more currency than the host country’s language. Street names will be changed, statues removed, churches and synagogues converted to mosques.

Imagine such a thing happening in the U.S., say in Dearbornistan.

Snaggletoothie back. --- I think the minimum standard for the toleration of these zones must be the creation of comparable Christian, Jewish and secular autonomous zones in Muslim countries.

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