Saturday, March 7, 2009

Budget Director Takes the Clintonian Approach to the Truth

We cannot put truth into budget deliberations since that would lead to a net deficit of Democrats in congress.


Joe said...

Everybody likes a good dance number...especially Democrats.

Z said...

This is UNREAL.
Notice the snide smiles of Obama's guy? They're all like that..Gibbs does the same thing...looks down his nose at the scum who deigns to dissent.. What a LIE this SURGE spending extrapolation is..the guy knows that, that's why the smile "we won, we're right, but I have to say this..hee hee..and, anyway, WE ARE BETTER than you"

As for PROGRAM INTEGRITY SAVINGS..How about dropping the program, maybe THAT has more integrity, huh?
what a video..thanks..just shows so much.