Saturday, March 7, 2009

Jazz on Snaggletoothie

Here are a bunch of links to some of the jazz I've had on the site in the past couple of months. One of my favorites is this all girl jazz band performing in Paris. Here are some links: link link link link link link link link link.Andthe last link is Billie Holiday.

I recently found a good site that gives some history and examples of the earliest recorded jazz as well as excellent recordings of Bix and Sidney Bichet. It's called Jazz Incunabula. I found this completely by accident. I was involved in a debate/discussion on Betsy's Page with a smarter than average leftie who calls himself Tacitus Voltaire. So I went to look at Tacitus V.'s homepage and all that was there was all this great old jazz with some explanatory history. Betsy's Page is good: there is an excellent mix of the right and the left among the commenters. There aren't many sites where the two sides meet with some amount of numerical equality. Sometimes it can be frustrating because many lefties claim to have proof but then the proof turns out to be all talk as they are pressed more and more. Also the left's nasty personal attacks can at times be both unpalatable and BORING.

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