Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Living in Alinskyville

Because of bad cold, cold inclement weather Nancy Pelosi was unable to attend the protest against global warming at the Capital. She had planned to wear her warmest clothes to withstand the severe cold so she could explain more details of her plot to push the federal government further into the lives of citizens to save them from the evil, naughty ultra-warm weather that is engulfing us. She just couldn't get there ahead of the blizzard.
Saul Alinsky was a Chicago community organizer (does that sound familiar?). He wrote a book to explain to other community organizers how to lie to people to gain power over them. One of his insights was that, if you can make people afraid of a catastrophe (real or invented). you can get then to give up lots of power. And then you can have lots of power and money.
The Democrats have been riding the Hell out of this global warming catastrophe. They have no shame about its lack of scientific basis or the way the supporting data has been coming apart under closer scrutiny or that there is no prima facie evidence. They are sticking to their big lie. But it looks like the day is coming when there will be just too much ridicule for there to be much upside in trying to maintain the facade.

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