Saturday, March 7, 2009

While America Burns, Dems Fiddle Their Energy Away Attacking Rush and Jindal

This would have been an incredibly hostile and venomous series of attacks if Barack Obama had not run on a platform of nonpartisanship and bipartisanship. When you're finished laughing . . . . . During the campaign he used a lot of rhetoric about nonpartisan and post-partisan. But that was just a tactic to make McCain look unreasonable and to appeal to moderates and some stupid conservatives who judged him by what he said rather than by what he did. You can see what he actually believes by the behavior of his surrogates. Their approach was attack, attack, attack, vilify, vilify, vilify and lie, lie lie. Look at what they tried to do to Sarah Palin and what they are now trying to do to Rush and Bobby Jindal. That is what Obama believes in and it is accelerating the divisions in America. Obama realizes he has some power and he is going to try to squeeze every last bit of partisan advantage out of it. And Obama does not seem to mind harming America if doing so gives him just a sliver more power.


Z said...

Worse yet is Obama's trying to DESTROY anyone who dares dissent!
Cramer from CNBC had Gibbs say that nothing he's ever much predicted was every right! imagine?
joe the Plumbering EVERYBODY who doesn't follow this messi-duh.

I like your LOYAL OPPOSITION moniker because Mr. Z feels this president thinks he was CROWNED, not inaugurated, My Liege!

Chris M. said...

Cramer has had it easy compared to Palin, Limbaugh and Jindal. And all of them had it easy compared to what was done to Joe the Plumber. And all of this from the guy who acted like this kind of thing has only ever been done by Republicans. Except for Nixon I don't think this stuff is ever done by anyone but Democrats. But they're smart to get all high and mighty and accusatory so that many slow thinking Republicans end up endlessly defending themselves in a way that usually gets interpreted as guilt.