Thursday, June 18, 2009

ABC News Has Become a Total Pawn Of The White House

This afternoon I emailed this message to ABC News:

"Please stop claiming to be a news organization. This false advertising might leave you open to law suits from viewers you are defrauding. There are other wholly owned subsidiaries of the Democratic party that are not as ashamed or dishonest as you are. The longer you continue this charade the more guilty you are. The American public is by nature very forgiving. But we cannot forgive you until you admit to your dishonest manipulation and promise to stop. End this criminal behavior now!"

In return I received an electronically generated reply that invited me to watch the special that will be broadcast tonight from the White House on ABC. I could save myself time by just reading Team Obama's press releases. It would be so much more honest if ABC would stop using the word 'news.' They would be less open to charges of fraud.

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