Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Finest Links in all of Christendom

Jo-Joe Politico has a post questioning whether David Letterman’s most recent statement about Willow Palin (the lech just can’t leave the poor girl alone) is actually an apology. My answer is the first comment in the comment thread. Joe’s next post presents a challenging situation. Joe and his wife are both suffering from disabilities and savings that are fading away. Joe’s wife suffers too much from carpel tunnel syndrome to be able to work. Their situation would be much improved if she could work. But they have no health insurance and not enough resources to get her the operation a doctor feels will fix the carpel tunnel. I have no answer. Just a few tentative thoughts. Mention of this on as many blogs as possible might turn up an angel. As a retired nurse I know that surgeons almost always see surgery as the only answer when there might be excellent alternatives that wide research will uncover. I realize that some would say that single payer health care would solve this problem for Joe and his wife. But that is far from a foregone conclusion. Obama’s health care rationing board might not OK this surgery. Obama wants the power and your money. But Obama understands the calculus of power and knows that once you have surrendered all that to him, there is much less reason for him to keep any of the seven conflicting promises he has made on the subject. Joe and his wife need your prayers. And if anyone reading this has a solution or some useful resource please go to Joe’s site and tell him.
Nothing like a little Orwell in the morning. Readers of 1984 might remember the Two Minutes of Hate that was part of Big Brother’s presentations. Pundit and Pundette trace a quick history of similar manifestations in the Brother Barry show. Here’s a link to a YouTube clip from the movie of 1984 that bears too much resemblance to an Obama rally. The citizens of Oceana show little difference from the reactions of the crowds at a Jon Stewart, Bill Maher or Dave Letterman show. There is the changing lineup of villains that get heavily emoted upon at the direction of Big Brother from the oval office. The latest enemy is the AMA. Tomorrow it may be you. Then there is a video of Congresswoman Michelle Bachman. Apparently a car dealership that loses its contract with the big auto maker has no chance of obtaining due process unless he can get a Democrat congressman to go to bat for him. DC will be called Chicago on the Potomac before Obama is finished with it. It has been said that Brother O. feels the constitution to be a very imperfect and unfinished document. I think he just does not want its protections applied to anyone not paying protection money to his campaign treasury. Letterman’s pseudo-apology is skewered for the lie it is. P & P also has a post about health care. Some improvements that don’t require a total government take over are suggested. Also some of the more unpleasant side effects (like frequent death) of government run care are mentioned. For some reason the MSM will not say anything negative about anything Obama favors. Just think, thanks to government managed news, we could have a new government run health system that will kill millions and no one will know for 350 years.
And So It Goes In Shreveport points some more ways that Obama in your health care might not be good for your health. (It is a little crazy to put so much power in the hands of someone whose most complex exercise in planning up to now has been to outline a semester long course.) Pat and Cynthia Yockey want to keep up the Letterman boycott (they’re right). Pat also has a good clip of a massive crowd in Tehran (Obama’s present focus is attacking anyone not in complete agreement with his as yet unwritten health care plan).


Pat Austin said...

Thanks for the link!

I'm LOVING these car pictures! Maybe you should replace the Beautiful Woman at the Bottom of the Page with CARS! :)

Chris M. said...

Oh Yes. The best tail fin of 1964. But I just saw a movie with Amy Ryan. And there is no Chevy that will have the effect on me that a picture of Amy Ryan will. And I enjoy the search for the beautiful woman photos more. I have a much more difficult time finding car pics that satisfy me. So many more of them just aren't quite right. But a flawed photo of a beautiful woman is more likely to be pleasant. While a flawed photo of a car just tends to frustrate me.
But I feel a compromise coming on. It is possible to do both. But the car pictures would not be changed as often. Good Idea.

Joe said...

Thank you for the encouragement.

Neither my wife nor I support single payer insurance nor any other government sponsored health care initiative.

God will lead...of that I am certain.

"1984" was the first thing I thought of when President BO was elected.