Thursday, June 18, 2009

Barbara Boxer Can't Get Any Respect

I understand how she feels. I have been cursed with this bi . . . um . . . lady as my Senator for too many years. Of all the emails I have sent her I have only gotten one reply.  And that reply pretty much boiled down to, 'FU.  We are not interested in input.  We know what is best.'   I would love to receive from her the amount of respect she demands from others.  If Boxer is reelected in 2010 I will be greatly disappointed by my state.  The way she has reacted to communications from me leads me to suspect that she is not down with the whole legitimacy bring derived from the consent of the governed concept.

I tried to find this clip on the Google site. My search for 'Barbara Boxer demands to be called senator' yielded only clips many years old. Google is trying to cover up for that jerk of a senator. Just more government run media in action.

ht/Red State

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