Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Finest Links in All of Christendom

Pundit and Pundette gives a tour of sites rightfully skewering Dave Letterman for his boorish and tasteless attack on Willow Palin; my father would say that the man has no couth. Pundette notices that the MSM will go to foolish lengths to approve anything Michelle Obama does. P & P also have a funny piece about Team Obama’s ‘create or save’ lie. I especially like the observation quoted that Al Qaeda, “created or saved 10,000 jihadist jobs (resulting in a concurrent creation or saving of 720,000 virgins!). ”This pile of dishonesty was created in plain view of the public and is merely laughed at by anyone but Washington reporters and committed Democrats. We have yet to find one stupid thing Obama can say that the MSM will see for what it is. They will admiringly and credulously repeat ANYTHING the man says. No wonder Rush Limbaugh has taken to calling them ‘the state run media.’ There’s a short thing P & P put up recently that I have been quoting in comment threads around the net. It deals with the global warming insanity and I especially love this part: “Pundit, who knows from science, was talking the other day about the irrational "belief" in global warming and the "denier" label that's applied to those who don't "believe." Talk of belief has nothing to do with science, and the words belief and denier have no place in scientific discourse. Science is about data.” Another notable recent post from P & P is the quote from Hitchens about the naiveté demonstrated in the Cairo speech.
I am grateful to Pat from And So It Goes In Shreveport for the fine photo of Carrie Prejean in the not too large bikini: click on the photo and it doubles in size (sadly, this photo makes it obvious they are not real). Then Pat has a story about the Miranda warning being given to Gitmo detainees. [I think it’s named after Theophilis Miranda who wrote the 12th Amendment to our Constitution, which states, “And thou shalt render thyselves defenseless before any circumcised heathen who can manipulate a free lawyer out of your dumb a$$es”] Pat’s next post is titled, ‘Wright Reappears From Under Rock.’ Pat is the only blogger I have seen giving full coverage to the Uighurs. And this continues with her post about the possibility of them being sent to the tropical paradise of Palau. What ever could go wrong?
UPDATE at 0730 ***********************
Joe at Jo-Joe Politico gives it to that sad excuse for a comedian, Dave Letterman. He also throws in some good Obama jokes, you know, the kind of thing that Letterman lacks the guts and ingenuity to do. He has a good post that shows a continuing ability to be surprised at the MSM’s willingness to do or say any stupid or embarrassing thing in service of Obama. The Light of Chicago’s chattel in the MSM act like he has some special relationship with the beaches of Normandy because one of his uncles was there (with such illogic one could suppose him to be 50% Muslim). Joe also has a post about the national debt. The comments thread gets interesting in spite of running way off topic. Joe’s comment threads are often enlightening and entertaining.
I was looking at insert clever s.logan here and I noticed that Suzanna has 2.4 times as many followers on the Google widget as my site does. I immediately realized that she is at least 2.4 times as attractive as I am (though I think her writing is seldom more than 1.7 to 1.93 times as good as mine). Any attempt I might make to explain her post titled ‘A Very Nice Set of Tatas’ would not be helpful. But if you’re a fan of the Beaver and Eddie Haskell you’ll like it. There’s a funny clip of Bob Hope. And then Suzanna writes in praise of venturing out of your comfort zone. I have mixed feelings about this. I went to a lot of trouble to make it so comfortable. But there is no joy of discovery in my comfort zone. It is only outside of my comfort zone that I will ever again say, “OMG I never imagined the world could be this beautiful.” When I was as young as Suzanna I spent much more time on the outside.


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