Monday, June 22, 2009

Laura Ingraham, Brigitte Gabriel, as well as Justin Logan of the CATO Institute on Obama’s Nonreaction to Events in Iran (from 6/18)

Obama is not displaying leadership. I understand it is delicate. But it is not as delicate a situation as Obama's lack of response would imply. I am afraid that a lot of the problem is that Obama has not been tested and learned to adapt as a leader. He seems to have a fear of making mistakes that just shouts 'novice.' He seems to not understand that any course he chooses will have negative consequences. Sometime he just has to choose the lesser evil. He seems to to have a sophomoric belief that he can be slick and emerge with lots more adulation. I think those days are numbered. Will he know when he must act? I am less optimistic about that then I have been since he was elected. Pundit and Pundette have a couple of recent posts that analyze Obama's patterns and motivation and give links to other writings about these subjects here and here. I highly recommend thatblog.

h/t: MsUnderestimated

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Joe said...

President BO, as evidenced by his own actions, does NOT support freedom, thus he would see it as hypocritical to stand for it.