Sunday, June 7, 2009

Card Check Push by Harkin

Sometimes dKos has useful info. Senator Tom Harkin who is trying to ram card check through the Senate recently said, “If senators refuse to compromise, if they refuse to come to the table in good faith, I will take the original bill to the floor and demand an up-or-down vote. We will see where everyone stands, and working people can vote accordingly.”
I take this to mean that he has been unsuccessful in manipulating the committee process. No doubt there are Democrats who are against it but would prefer not to have that opposition registered in a floor vote.
I’m reposting below the clip of union goons speaking so highly of this assault on the self-determination of workers.

I'm also going to reproduce one of my posts from a couple of months ago.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Democrat Lawmakers Threatened With 'Targeting' If They Oppose Card Check

Are they worried they might not pull it off? Is the great Obama majority evaporating before they have finished their wish list? Do I detect some fear and desperation in congress?
The below is taken exactly from Newsbusters:

"Look no further for evidence of how important EFCA has become to liberals than Schultz threatening on March 11 to "take out" Democrats who don't toe the line

"'If there is any Democrat in the House or the Senate that doesn't line up for the Employee Free Choice Act, I promise you we will take you out. I promise you we will target you and I don't care you who are, how long you've been there, I will get the unions together and if you're a Democrat and you don't support the Employee Free Choice Act, we will take you out. You're either with us or you're against us.'"

And here's a clip about card check in action in a factory.

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