Friday, June 26, 2009

Who Will Guard The Guardians? It Is Confirmed: Obama Wants to Ration Health Care, Moronic MSM Thinks The Real News Is In Argentina

Many people said Obama’s health care plan wouldn’t work without rationing. Obama denied that he would ever ration health care. Not the great Obama. But part of the stimulus bill was the creation of aboard to ration health care. It was not that embarrassing to Obama since no one in the MSM actually read the stimulus bill. To them it was just part of a cosmic battle in which Alaskans and knuckle draggers had opposed their Wise Leader. Rationing of health care is part of a larger battle. For Obama and the MSM it is not so much about the money.  It's ideological.  It is all about decimating that part of the electorate that is most likely to be conservative and not blindly accept their foolishness.
Bush was responsible for a few deaths using an army and working in concert with congress.  Obama will kill millions with the extra-constitutional aide of bean counters, community organizers, union dues, and silence from reporters (which was once a strange concept).Democrats have no problem with death, even on a large scale. Some even call them the Party of Death. But they often don’t want to kill nonAmericans. The see their real enemies here among their fellow citizens. So they do their killing here. Half a million a year with abortions. If things continue to work out via tactical ’rationing’ of health care, many million more domestic enemies will die. Once they get things sorted out domestically, they might well loose armies on God only knows who. Maybe Oceania.

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