Saturday, June 13, 2009

Come Clean or Shut Up

Obama asks, “What do we say to the family that spends more on health care than they do on food?”
I answer, “Shut up about health care and do the job you were elected to do. Or maybe you could reflect for a moment on the polls that show that Americans do not want a government take over of health care. Or try this on for size: I’m not interested in input about major, life defining issues from someone who has spent too much time in very cushy government jobs. I don’t think you’ve had enough exposure to reality to be redefining it for me.
“I just have a hard time trusting anyone running for president who does not trust me enough to share his selective service records, his passport records, his routine physical and his college transcripts. I think you deserve as much trust as you extend to me: NONE. Come clean or shut up.”

UPDATE 6-13 12:30 PM
Harry, a commenter at Breitbart adds:
"If you think health care is expensive now, wait until it’s free."

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pundette said...

Yes. The guy has no life experience, it seems. PJ O'Rourke jokingly asked if Obama had ever owned a car, or could even drive. Fishersville Mike wondered if the Obamas had ever held a garage sale. Doubt it! I don't think he knows much about living with a chronic illness, paying the mortgage or the grocery bills, losing your job and paying $700+ for COBRA . . . etc. In other words, he's not what most of us would think of as a grown up, let alone a leader.