Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Oppose Obama and You Will Be Smeared and Demeaned by His Press Corps

Anonymous sources have alleged that the majority of President Obama's town hall appearances and press conferences, in addition to community action drives, television interviews, political reporting, pundits, and media outlets have all been part of a coordinated and orchestrated effort to promote the Obama/Democrat agenda, crush any opposition, and guarantee a successful Obama presidency.
Details at 6.
from metaphorsbwithu at NewsBusters

The message from Democrat lawmakers is clear: How dare you expect us to listen to listen to you.

Strangely many are convinced that most of the dinosaur media attacks on Obama's opposition has been organized and coordinated by Rahm Emanuel. The talking points that he and his minions disseminate daily always end up in the mouths of the alphabet networks' talking heads. (Sorry to say that I had a good link for this which I cannot locate. Thus I'm going to post as is and continue search for the support. So we'll just call it an opinion piece.)

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Joe said...

"Yeah! Just because you pay our salaries and the Constitution (whatever that is) says we work for you is no reason to think we ACTUALLY work for you!

"You have to listen to US."

So goes the thinking of 97.356273947325% of politicians.