Tuesday, August 25, 2009

dKos Calls the Pledge of Allegiance, “the nation’s unofficial loyalty oath.”and More of Their Wackadoodle Ramblings

I visited dKos to see what they might be writing about health care reform. I was diverted by this oddity. In a section that began with the words, “Oh, those zany Republicans... “ people are mocked for using the Pledge of Allegiance at the beginning of meetings and the pledge is called, “the nation’s unofficial loyalty oath.”
Health Care was not addressed until very far down on the front page. I take this as a sign that the krazies see this as a losing battle. Most anything they wrote about health care reform fell into a pretty standard form. Usually a little introduction dismissing right wingers as inveterate liars who do little but bend the truth. Then comes topic to be written about which will described along the lines of, “You will not believe what lies they are telling now.” The position to be attacked is laid out, to varying degrees of accuracy. This is followed with the bold attack that commonly takes the form of either “Everyone knows that is not true,” or merely, “That is not true.” Proof that something is a lie is seldom to be found. The actual words of the health care legislation are not referred to. I wonder if a casual reader capable of critical thinking ever pauses to realize that maybe the fact that no one at dKos seems to have even read the bill might indicate how embarrassed they are by that legislation.
Now I’ve thrown this unrelated video. It is some kind of attack on birtherism. Its substance is argumentum ad hilarium and the assertion that Chris Matthews once held up a piece of paper that they claim is devastating to the birthers. But, of course, this is not a serious defense but rather an attempt to extend the lack of patience many have with birthers to all of dKos’ political opponents

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