Sunday, August 30, 2009

Obama's Call for A Large Civilian Security Force: Guess Who His Enemy Is

This call for a civilian security force was one of the most troublesome things Obama said during the election. There is nothing in our traditions, history or present situation to justify such an innovation. But it is not really so much of an innovation. This kind of thing goes on in third world dictatorships where the ruler has given up all pretense of being the leader of the whole nation. It is a mechanism used to secure the despotic rule of one party, class, clan or race over an enslaved nation.
Obama has been on a roll and has just been pushing whatever he wants through Congress. If that continued he would create this private army at public expense. I have a sense that Beck realizes how valuable the present break in Obama’s momentum can be to those of us who are interested in preserving as much of our traditions and Constitution as we can. By looking over the program that Obama enunciated during the election Beck has pulled out one of the items most threatening to continued American freedom and liberty. By calling attention to this and building up public opinion against more tyranny Beck is removing some of the power the Democrats were getting from surprise and momentum. Beck has stolen a march on Obama. No wonder the Dems hate Beck: he might just out smart them and we might give them a run for their money. (Though actually a lot of it is really our money.)

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Joe said...

" is not really so much of an innovation."


Adolf Hitler did it, as did the U.S.S.R.

I think they are what President BO would like us to be like.