Thursday, August 6, 2009

Listening To the DNC and MSM on the Subject of Grass Roots Politics Is Like Taking Advice from a Rapist about True Love.

The DNC’s motto is “Democracy is only for Democrats.” The place is a fount of oxymoronisms. They tend to call anyone who disagrees with them part of a well-funded and organized effort to derail health care reform that is supported with millions of dollars a day from the demonic health insurance lobby. George Bush would have said, “These are people who see things differently than me. The great thing about America is that they have as much right to express themselves as I do.” Barack Obama says, “The great thing about America is that I can hire people to smear my opponents and lie about them. And since the media are dumb enough to be impressed by me, they’ll kneecap my scummy critics too. Great pickings here.”

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