Sunday, August 16, 2009

All It Takes to End Medical Innovation Is the Passage of Obamacare

Do you like medical breakthroughs? Do you think finding new cures for once incurable diseases is a good idea? Sorry to break this to you but the implementation of Obamacare would spell the end to such innovations.
Because of socialized medicine in Europe they no longer contribute to the growth of medical technology and innovation. They spend their health care Euros on patient care and on the maintenance of the swelling bureaucracy. And way too much is spent on the bureaucracy in relation to the value they deliver.
Medical research and development has virtually died out in the world outside of America. And Obamacare will kill it here. It has only survived in the U. S. because there are strong vestiges of capitalism in our medical system. These remaining relics of capitalism inspire and trigger the development of new medications and treatments. Without the lure of possible profits medicine will stagnate. If a disease is incurable today and Obamacare is added to the picture it will remain incurable. There is not a sufficient mechanism to motivate the money and expertise to create meaningful innovation without the profit motive. Just look at Europe.
What is the expected answer to my objection from Obama and congress? (I mean, of course after they add to the post partisan spirit of Washington, DC by calling me a plant from the insurance companies and a terrorist and a racist.) I imagine they would say that congress will fund all necessary research and development and so we can expect medicine to continue giving us ground breaking innovations. These are the same people when I was young and Disco was yet to arrive that had promised that the post office would soon become a rational and profitable business. They were only off by centuries and many billions of dollars. Don’t be surprised if your doctor starts handing you more junk mail on every visit. It would only take regular donations to the right committee chairman’s reelection campaign. It is one thing to allow these animals to mangle and pervert the postal service. It would be a wrong of a different order of magnitude to allow them to line their pockets on the backs of the sick. And that is what Obamacare means.


Divinity Avenue said...

I've tried to tell people this as well, because the advanced medical discoveries here in America have kept my brother alive. Nearly all of his procedures have been experimental or cutting edge. No surprise that the doctors who invented them are all American.

Kira said...

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-Have an amazing day!
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