Sunday, August 23, 2009

Except the Lord Keep the City the Watchman Watches but in Vain

Marco Rubio farewell address to the Florida House of Representatives where he served as Speaker.
March 27, 2009

Rubio: “Politics Is About Choices” May 12, 2009

The Republican establishment does not seem to realize the great resource they have in this young man. This makes me wonder if the Republican Party isn’t already dead but the members in the Senate and House haven’t found out yet.


Pat Austin said...

Amen to that; I LOVE this guy!

When Cornyn endorsed Crist over Rubio for the Florida Senate race, MONTHS ago, I was livid. (So was Stacy McCain who started Not One Red Cent! partially because of it).

The Dems can shoot themselves in the foot over ObamaCare, Porkulus and all the rest, but if the Repbulicans don't put up some good candidates, like this one, we're still screwed.

Crist? Give me a break!

Chris M. said...

But Rubio isn't just another Republican. He's a true conservative with a strong resume. And he is an inspiring speaker. If Crist wins the Senate seat, Rubio needs to travel around the country so he can become known by the millions who are just waking up to politics.